Frequently Asked Questions



I have a band/label and we want your store to carry our titles. How can we do that?

We really like to deal directly with bands and labels for their releases, as  it allows us to offer some of the best prices on releases and lets you let your fans know that we have them as a fact.  Keep in mind, we are a store that specializes in Hardcore, Punk, and Metal so these are the types of releases we are most interested in. Here are a few things you should know:

  • CONSIGNMENT – We are only able do consignment with locals or very close to locals (people who come to the area at least every couple months).  If you are local, please get in touch with info about your available releases.
  • Please do not mail us ANYTHING with out us agreeing to it first, unless it is a promo for us to check out.
  • WHOLESALE – If you do a label, please contact us about your releases (please include pricing, description, and sound links).  The more available titles you have, the better chance will be interested. If we do not feel that we can do a large enough order, we may pass but please stay in touch for future releases.
  • If we are unavailable to do a direct order, please let us know which distributors carry your titles we might be able to pick up copies on our next distributor order!  We order frequently with Revelation, Ebullition, No Idea, Relapse … just to name a few.
  • If you are stopping through the area, please feel free to stop by as we might be able to take a couple of copies off of your hands! If we can take a look at it, and maybe play it in the store, we are likely to grab a couple copies (which we wouldn’t do through the mail). Touring bands, we always try to grab something (in the hardcore/punk/metal realm).


I have some used records / collection that I’m considering selling. Do you want to buy them? 

Yes! Although we specialize in NEW Punk/Metal records, we are interested in a wider variety genres for USED records. We generally want to take a look at everything you want to show us. We do pay CASH and we do have a better payout in STORE CREDIT. Here are some ground rules so we can make this transaction much smoother if you have never dealt with us:

  • Bring the records to the store in person.  Please make sure all the records are in their original covers (we will not buy used vinyl without it’s cover).  Please try to make sure they are organized and facing the same direction if you can (it speeds things up and you won’t have to wait as long).
  • It does not hurt to call first and give us an idea of what you have available before you bring your used records in. We can save you some trouble and maybe even make a trip to YOU if the load is too large to bring. We can also let you know if the collection might not be the proper fit for our shop and let you know some other great local options.  We unfortunately cannot give you a price quote or monetary offer over the phone, however, because we have very specific things we look for when purchasing used vinyl (mostly in regards to the condition of the records).  Therefore we  need to see them in person before we can tell you our buying price.

I looked them up and here is what they sell for, what can you offer? My friend told me they are worth this much. I paid this much for it. It still has its sticker on it.

  • We do our best to make you a fair offer based on what we think or know we can sell your records for in our store. Please keep in mind that, when selling used records to a store, we cannot pay full market or retail value as we need to offer the releases to our customers at a good price. Also please keep in mind that when it comes to used records, there are many factors that will affect the price including condition, pressing, popularity, availability, and more. We buy and sell used records everyday, and we appreciate you considering to sell us your used items and would never attempt to rip-off or “low ball” anyone for used records.

I saw you post a record you are selling in your store that I NEED. How can I mail order it from you? 

Yes you are able to do request mail order however our main concern is bringing foot traffic into our record store. We have locals which are very loyal and theirs nothing more disappointing than having a local rush over to the store to find out the record was sold online before they made it to the shop.  Just take that into consideration if it was your local store, and understand that we in fact do not hate you.

#1 We choose not to mail order items which are JUST POSTED ONLINE. If its a new release in which we got a large amount of copies we will consider mail order, however many titles we get only a couple copies of.  Our main mission is to make the best physical record store possible, competing for business online is very difficult and while we appreciate your support, we only dedicate a small amount of our day to email/mail order.

#2 Please if you are interested in mail order, send us an email.   we will get back as quickly as we can. Answering our emails is something we do at the beginning and end of the day. On the weekends its even more difficult to get to, so please understand and be patient. Commenting “NEED”, “GIMME”, “DAT”, “YO HOLD THAT FOR ME”, “HOW MUCH”, “FUCK” and so on equates to nothing but a comment. We may or may not even see these comments at times due to posting multiple photos or simply helping customers.  Please send us an email with the titles you are interested in and if we can help you we will.

#3 We do not have a catalog. Its not going to happen. I understand this would help however the amount of new records hitting the shelf backed with the items selling, will simply not keep for an accurate catalog.  Being a small store we can not order titles in a high quantity, and it would need to be a catalog that was updated daily.  The catalog does not exist not because we don’t care, but because we do not want you to send a list and be let down when most of the items you asked for are no longer available.

#4 When sending a request e-mail it is totally fine to ask things like, do you have anything by discharge? motorhead? the specials? But please don’t ask things like “what metal records do you have?”, “What 7″s do you have?”, “what buttons have?”. These are requests for very long lists we simply do not have the time to come up with.

#5 When requesting something like, “please send me a list of all the Iron Maiden, Metallica, Motorhead, Slayer records you have and price”, if we can we will respond. We will tell you if it is original or a repress. Please don’t ask for things we did not list for you IE: Yes we have a repress of Iron Maiden Killer  –  Well do you have an original. NO we would have said that.

#6 Please check the links at the top of our page, we have a webstore which  sells our shop label releases and tshirts, and our discogs page sells some of our stock which is not on the shelf (a mix of duplicates,  new titles and collectables) it is not even 5% of our stock in store.

Does your store do in-store?

Generally NO. I have done a couple, but if you’ve been here before you know how small it is.  If we decide to do one that’s on us, but we would generally like to keep our neighbors happy.


How can our band get a show in Richmond?

Although we do promote and book shows, we tend to be the ones asking the bands.  We do not have time to help out every single band out there, sorry.